About Enlantern

A word from Founder and Managing Director, Noha Mousbah

Why Enlantern was founded

Throughout the years while working within leadership, consultancy, project management and sales, I participated in many training programmes.  Most sessions were like seminars where trainers speak, and participants listen. At times, there were interactive moments. The trainers were experienced and highly skilled, but the training sessions were long and oftentimes it was challenging for participants to concentrate and absorb the new knowledge.

At Enlantern, we therefore flip those two around. Our workshops are highly interactive, and focus lies on having participants do hands-on exercises and then reflect upon their experiences and on how these can be applied outside of the sessions. This way, participants instantly put their skills to practice, and immediately apply knowledge. This speeds up the learning process and allows for real-time coaching and feedback.

Through Enlantern, I combine my experience from leadership, consultancy, and organisational development with my passion for and experience within improvisational theatre. This leads to the second important aspect in Enlantern’s trainings; fun learning. Fun learning has been proven to help adults better absorb and recall information.

The result is team development and training that is powerful, new, effective, and enjoyable

My professional journey

I have extensive experience from working at the commercial section of the Swedish Embassy (The Swedish Trade and Investment Council/Business Sweden), leading multinational teams across the world in helping Swedish companies internationalise as well as strengthening the commercial ties between Sweden and other countries.  I have also worked within key client sales management at the Danish shipping company Maersk Line, initially working with Tetra Laval and later with IKEA.

From a young age, I’ve had an interest in theatre and acting and have continued to pursue this interest for many years, and ultimately work in this field professionally. I have been a main ensemble member of the oldest and largest improvisational theatre in the Nordics, Stockholms Improvisationsteater where I also taught and trained both individuals and corporate teams.

Seeing individuals, teams and organisations learn and develop has always been a major personal motivator. The journey of training and coaching started at Maersk Line, where I managed the overall client support globally, it continued at The Swedish Trade and Investment Council as I managed cross-functional, international assignments with team members spread across the globe as well as developed and delivered training programmes for trade commissioners. And as part of my role at Stockholms Improvisationsteater, I designed and delivered workshops and classes for a range of different participants, both private persons and corporations.

Currently, I am also a teacher at Stockholm University of the Arts teaching third year students, studying towards their Bachelor’s in Dance Pedagogy.

I have studied and worked in several international settings in Europe, Asia and Africa and am trilingual, working towards becoming quadrilingual.

Having experienced working with a vast range of companies and organisations and seeing the difference in an engaged and productive team compared to a struggling, unproductive team, I aim, through Enlantern, to play a part in creating a more collaborative, open, and empathetic team culture that promotes productivity and efficiency and leads to better end results for the team and the organisation as a whole.

I look forward to having you join me on this journey.

Noha Mousbah.

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