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What makes this course different?

I want you leaving the course, noticing real improvements in your presentation skills and gaining tools that will continue to help you develop as a presentor. That’s why, we’ll be focusing on: 

Learning by DOING. Using experiential learning, you will yourself experience what works and what doesn’t. The course offers minimal theory, maximum practice. Studies show that we remember what we’ve done, the actions that we’ve taken, rather than what we hear or see.

Innovative training approach. You’ll get to experience a new way of training, where having fun is an important part of it. Fun learning has been proven to build a socially connected learning environment and to help adults better absorb and recall information.

Finding your own unique style. I’m only taking in a small number of participants to ensure there’s enough time for you to get personal feedback and for you to find the unique strengths that you have as a presentor, and develop the skills that you need support in.

Gently leaving your comfort zone. For you to develop, I will delicately push you out of your comfort zone. As a trainer, I’m often described as “a very skillful trainer and facilitator who knows how to bring the best out of people in a safe yet suitably challenging way. She exudes knowledge and credibility whilst also being warm, friendly and humble.”

Nice to meet you, I'm Noha Mousbah

I draw on my extensive experience from presenting and publicly speaking as part of my work at the commercial section of the Swedish Embassy. I’ve spoken in front of high-level attendees, from heads of multinational companies to high-level politicians in Sweden and globally.

I combine this with years of having worked as an actor and improviser at some of Sweden’s most renowned theatre stages. I’ve also performed and taught internationally at some of the largest theatre festivals. 

For years now, I’ve trained a wide range of teams and individuals and helped them develop the crucial skills needed at every workplace, from communication to innovation and adaptability.

Seeing people develop and finding their own strengths is my passion, and I love doing it through fun, experiential training techniques.

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Nice to meet you, I’m Kelly Brown

Working together to achieve your goals and understand the marketing world and PPC. You will have complete guidance and support from me throughout all processes.

I have always loved the marketing world, and I’m really passionate about PPC. Benefit from my vast experience and knowledge.

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“John came at the right time. I wanted to start promoting my business, and he led me directly to success.”
Wayne R.
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John S.
“Stop looking for another course. John's one-on-one course is the best on the market.”
Helen B.
“Very informative course! And the best thing was that I learned it online from the comfort of my home.”
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Darlene M.
“The course was tailored just for me. John scheduled a perfect plan and I learned PPC in no time.”
Brian L.

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