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What do you look for in a kick off or teambuilding?

What do you look for in a kick off or teambuilding?

You can get more out of it than just fun for an hour or two.

Join this free, highly interactive workshop and get inspired as to how you can also help the team members:

  • Gain concrete insights and learnings that can be applied at work. Such as: 
    • What role we take on the team
    • How we communicate, and
    • How we can create an environment that promotes innovation
  • Really get to know each other, as individuals on a human level
  • Connect and bond by creating trust on the team , especially important for hybrid teams
  • ALL engage, rather than only having the few who easily take space engage

During this free online workshop, you will get to try out concrete exercises that work both in the virtual and physical room.  We follow the concept of serious play and use exercises that are engaging, fun and educational.

Register below and join the English or Swedish workshop. Feel free to bring a colleague as well. 

A very warm welcome!


...like never before!
Online - English
  • 8th of June, 8.30 CEST


...som aldrig förr!
Online - svenska
  • 9:e juni, 12.30 CEST

Trusted By…

The workshop was amazing! An unexpectedly fun workshop that created real value despite it addressing topics that are usually difficult to navigate. The topics addressed were ones that seldom turn into meaningful results, but this time we were able to draw concrete points. The fact that the exercises were fun made it all very pleasant. Personally, I enjoyed the exercises a lot because they were designed as problems that we needed to solve together as a group.

Johannes Mueller

Öresundskraft AB

I chose this training hoping that it would bring our team closer together and it exceeded my expectations. If your team is having trouble with communication and needs help to come closer together I strongly recommend this type of training.

Emily Freeland

Stockholm University

Thank you so much for facilitating the great team building session! I’m surprised how easily the team opened up. We will remember this session for sure!

Eduardo de los Santos


One of the most inspiring and insightful workshops I have participated in. A wonderful way to workshop around important topics, using motion, looking from different angles, bringing about new and deeper insights. This was so valuable!

Astrid Jarlskog

Öresundskraft AB

Noha is a very skillful trainer and facilitator who knows how to bring the best out of people in a safe yet suitably challenging way. She exudes knowledge and credibility whilst also being warm, friendly and humble. I very much enjoyed the training that I took with her and would recommend Noha unreservedly.

Julie Flower

The Specialist Generalist

I can warmly recommend this workshop that’s at a whole new level compared to similar past workshops. This is for those of you who would like to playfully explore topics that are often difficult, without judgement but rather with an openness and while trusting each other and the process.

Lillemor Högström

Öresundskraft AB

Phenomenally executed and inspiring. I really like your authentic, relaxed and seemingly effortless approach to giving us new insights and tools

Niklas Strandqvist


Why Should We Even Work on Team Engagement?

Why Should We Even Work on Team Engagement?

Engaged work units scoring in the top quartile on employee engagement show:

20% higher sales
17% higher productivity
41% lower absenteeism

Two critical elements that contribute to more engaged teams are that

1. Employees feel a sense of belonging and

2. Have a manager who knows their team members as individuals

This creates a work environment where employees feel confident exploring new ideas, see development opportunities and support their colleagues in their work.

*Source: Gallup