From Fear to Fun!

"The trainer had a calm aura about her that put people at ease and she knew exactly how to get what she wants out of the participants, in a fun and seemingly effortless way. By the end of our workshop we felt really connected and had learnt a lot."

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What makes this course different?

I want you leaving the course, noticing real improvements in your presentation skills and gaining tools that will continue to help you develop as a presentor. That’s why, we’ll be focusing on: 

Learning by DOING. Using experiential learning, you will yourself experience what works and what doesn’t. The course offers minimal theory, maximum practice. Studies show that we remember what we’ve done, the actions that we’ve taken, rather than what we hear or see.

Innovative training approach. You’ll get to experience a new way of learning, where having fun is an important part of it. Fun learning has been proven to build a socially connected learning environment and to help adults better absorb and recall information.

Finding your own unique style. I’m only taking in a small number of participants to ensure there’s enough time for you to get personal feedback and for you to find and enhance the unique strengths that you have as a presentor, and develop the skills that you need support in.

Gently leaving your comfort zone. For you to develop, I will delicately push you out of your comfort zone. As a trainer, I’m often described as one ” who knows how to bring the best out of people in a safe yet suitably challenging way. Exuding knowledge and credibility whilst also being warm, friendly and humble.”

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Nice to meet you, I'm Noha Mousbah

I draw on my extensive experience from presenting and publicly speaking as part of my work at the commercial section of the Swedish Embassy. I’ve spoken in front of high-level attendees, from heads of multinational companies to high-level politicians in Sweden and globally.

I combine this with years of having worked as an actor and improviser at some of Sweden’s most renowned theatre stages. I’ve also performed and taught internationally at some of the largest theatre festivals. 

For years now, I’ve trained a wide range of teams and individuals and helped them develop the crucial skills needed at every workplace, from communication to innovation and adaptability.

Seeing people develop and finding their own strengths is my passion, and I love doing it through fun, experiential training techniques.

You’re welcome to follow me on Linkedin.  

"One of the most inspiring and insightful workshops I have ever participated in. A wonderful way to workshop around important topics, using movement, looking from different angles, bringing about new and deeper insights. This was so valuable!"

Where and when is the course?

One size never did fit all

The perfect presentation or speech does not exist. There is no one universal way in which presentations should be like. Rather, each one of us has a unique style, our very own strengths and quirks. Together, we’ll identify, celebrate and amplify these. Then we’ll look at the areas that can be improved, and we’ll work on those. To set general rules that apply to all and in that way erase our uniqueness, would be a crime!

"Noha is such a present and engaging trainer. She carried the energy of the group in her hand with such confidence and care, keeping an eye on each individual and conveying her passion and vision along the way. "

Studies show that we remember what we've done, the actions that we've taken, rather than what we hear or see. This course offers minimal theory, maximum practice.

What can you expect from this course?

Let’s dig a little bit deeper into some of the work that we’ll be doing: 

  • Engaging your audience: Get equipped with the tools that will have your audience invested in your presentation or speech.  Learn to find variation as you speak, to ensure the audience’s mobiles don’t make an entrance. You’ll get to experiment and see what evokes a reaction or emotions and what doesn’t. 
  • Storytelling: Practice telling a compelling story. Which parts of the story should you fast forward through, and which parts should you vividly describe to your audience in detail? We’ll uncover stories that you had forgotten you carried. Why are these stories important to you and how can you share their importance with your audience? How do they relate to your speech or presenation? 
  • Sharpening your communication tools: Start finding a wider voice range that will help bring your words to life, learn to use pauses, experience the difference your body language makes for you and for your audience, and start adopting the mindset that will help you present with confidence. 
  • Dealing with the unexpected: Curveballs like a wrong graph or a tricky question from the audience, can be scary. Rather than attempting to prepare for every possible scenario (an impossible task), OR letting fear take over,  we’ll do exercises that help you in becoming more comfortable with the unexpected. Learn to trust yourself in that you’ll be able to deal with the curveballs in the moment.
  • Bring your presentation to life: While good visual aids (if used) are important, you the presentor are the star of the show. We’ll be doing exercises that will help you feel safer on stage, work on truly feeling the words you are saying and sharing that feeling and passion with the audience. 
  • Tips and tricks: Having stood in front of audiences for many years, I’ll be sharing all my tips and tricks that I’ve learnt throughout the years, from my mentors, trainers and from standing on a range of stages around the world.

All the work that we’ll be doing will be focused on action bringing about change, rather than attempting to “think your way” to your development and growth. And we’ll have fun doing it!


Please note that we may deviate slightly from above list, depending on the needs of the unique set of participants in the group. 

"The exercises were well thought out and suited our group incredibly well, and the structure of the workshops made time fly!

You’re empathetic and energetic, and you have a calming effect on those who feel stressed or nervous. You feel very open, receptive and warm as a person and educator."

What happens once I sign up?

Good question!

Signing up now is your chance to access the early bird prices AND some special bonuses, that will be available for a short period. You’ll be receiving an e-mail with more details.

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"Noha is a very skillful trainer and facilitator who knows how to bring the best out of people in a safe yet suitably challenging way. She exudes knowledge and credibility whilst also being warm, friendly and humble. Her calm manner helps to build a sense of confidence and trust amongst group members."

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PREMIUM: Voice training

Receive focused vocal training by the professional singer, conductor and classical musician Bo Asger Kristensen. Bo has a Masters in conducting choirs and has won several international prizes together
with his choirs. 

  • 2 hours of practical vocal training
  • October 17th
  • 18.00 – 20.00

BONUS 1: Receive recordings of your public speaking

I KNOW seeing ourselves on video can be tough. I can also have a tough time watching myself. I still do it though. Why? Because it teaches us SO MUCH about ourselves. It really is a gift and a great teacher. You don’t need to show it to anyone, but please do learn from it yourself.

BONUS 2: Public Speaking Checklist

At the end of the course, you’ll be receving a checklist that you can use before every presentation or speech. Everything you need to prepare and remember before it’s showtime, I have put together for you in a checklist. 

I can't wait to meet you!

Many of us have been taught that learning needs to be serious and heavy. It really does not.
This course is proof that powerful transformations are possible while we’re enjoying the process.

Is this course:
Intense? Yes!
Challenging? Also yes!

But I’ll ensure you feel safe enough to push yourself and see the difference in your public speaking skills.

Prices will increase once the early bird window closes. Registration will close once the group is complete and this will be a small group to ensure there’s ample time for personal feedback.

So if you’ve been wanting to work on your public speaking skills, this is your chance.

Learn in a way that is: Powerful, Different and Fun!

See you!

"I can warmly recommend this workshop that’s at a whole new level compared to similar past workshops. This is for those of you who would like to playfully explore topics that are often difficult, without judgement but rather with an openness and while trusting each other and the process."

While you may be an expert in your field of work, if you’re not able to relay your message effectively, how will the world know?

Noha Mousbah

Got any questions? You're welcome to e-mail me: