Would you like to...

  • Have a motivated team that is able to handle the challenges of remote working
  • Unleash the creativity in the team by banishing the inner critic
  • Reduce stress levels and the feeling of being isolated when working from home
  • Improve communication and the ability to have open, honest discussions
  • Increase employee retention by investing in the development and well-being of your employees
  • Enhance team efficiency by fostering teamwork
  • Clarify unique strengths that team members posses
  • Increase trust and empathy in the team

quick workshop facts

  • Offered online and in person
  • Available in 3 languages
  • All workshops are highly interactive
  • Fun learning essential part of workshops
  • Tailor-made to meet your specific team needs
  • A need analysis is made by our trainers, together with you, bringing together our expertise within training and team dynamics with your knowledge of your team
  • Design of workshop is customised based on different personality types on team
  • Provided in a safe and friendly environment
  • Participants are encouraged to get out of their comfort zone and develop their essential skills

Some of our most popular workshops:

  • Efficiently communicating and collaborating while working remotely. How to truly stay connected as a team.
  • Tackling the feeling of isolation while working remotely. Creating trust, releasing pressure and bringing happiness to the team. This is especially beneficial where some colleagues may only have met through a screen.
  • Developing a high performing culture. Increasing innovation and creating a positive learning culture not only by allowing, but  encouraging mistakes.
  • Dealing with uncertainty in a highly volatile world. How to be comfortable making decisions and adapting when you don’t have all the needed data.
  • Strengthening a global team. Getting team members who have never met and may never meet in real life, to feel like one team.

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